Chicken Husbandry

Chicken husbandry is all about the knowledge and skills that you need to be able to keep your flock safe and healthy. When you need to know how to care for your chickens needs, then this is the section of Chicken FAQ with all the answers!

We remember getting our first chickens and even though we’d done loads of research we were still a little unsure if we were doing everything correctly. So, in this section, we share our experience with you so that you can get straight into enjoying your new additions without the worry and stress. You’ll find articles on everything from How To Clean The Chicken House through to Taming Chicks and Helping Your Chickens Through Molting.

If you’re looking for more specific information then do check out our other sections including those which focus on Fixing Problems, everything to do with Chicken Health, and of course very importantly, all your questions on the topic of Eggs.

Raising Chicks

How Do You Tame Chicks?

A vast majority of the members in the chicken community raise chickens to have a constant supply of fresh eggs and poultry and mainly consider

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