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More and more people are discovering the fun and rewards of keeping backyard chickens. Whether it’s for their delicious fresh eggs or just to keep them as fascinating and fun pets, chickens are a great option and they needn’t take up too much room. With no need to take them out for a walk and no risk of damage to your home, backyard chickens could be a great choice for you and your family.

Perfect Eggs

If you’ve never had free-range eggs, then you’re in for a treat! Imagine a bright yellow yolk, a creamy egg white, and all provided free of charge every single day. No more worries about the welfare of the chickens and the sad reality of modern egg production methods. Now you can be sure that your eggs come from truly happy and well cared for chickens.

The Gardener's Friend

If you’re a keen gardener, now you no longer need to worry about slugs, as these are a tasty treat for your backyard chickens. Then there’s the constant supply of chicken manure that makes a great organic fertilizer! But do remember that you’ll need to also have a chicken run or fencing to keep them away from the veg garden and flower beds that you don’t want to be eaten!

Getting Ready For Your New Arrivals!

But, before your feathered friends arrive, there’s some planning needed, and you need to make sure that you have everything that they need to stay fit and healthy. So, that includes the chicken coop, feed, and both water and food containers. It also makes sense to begin developing your knowledge of chicken welfare, which includes, common diseases, vaccinations, and how to keep on top of parasites such as red mite.

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